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Quality & Environment

Lifeline Corporation is a leading medical equipment and safety equipment supplier in the healthcare and emergency industry.

We are committed to provide our staff, partners and customers with a healthy, safe and secure environment.

This policy applies to our company’s premises at our HQ, retail outlets and our customer’s premises.

Lifeline strives, through constant improvement to fully integrate health, safety and security into all aspects of our activities.

This will be achieved by:-

- Implementing and regular monitoring of a framework to ensure a strong management of health, safety and security in our daily task and in legal compliance to other requirements.

- Setting measurable objectives and goals on a yearly basis to track an annual improvement and a decrease to risky activities.

- Raising the level of awareness of health, safety and security.

- Working with all our partners and customers to embrace the SG Secure movement, lead by our SG Secure representative.