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Völker™ Vis-a-Vis Hospital Bed complete with Mattress


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Early, frequent and controlled patient mobilisation promotes speedy recovery, reduces length of stay and increases patient autonomy and wellbeing. The Völker S 962-2 Vis-a-Vis bed supports safe patient mobility to an upright sitting position at an early stage, with minimal risk to both patient and caregiver. An individual caregiver can easily and safely mobilise the patient in a forward direction, until the patient is sitting upright with feet firmly planted on the floor.

The patented Völker MiS sleep deck, a standard feature on all Völker beds, detects even small movements and responds with tactile stimulation. This responsive feedback promotes spontaneous movements and micro-circulation in the tissues to enhance blood circulation. This can lead to greater comfort, improved sleep, and increased mobility. Patients and residents can sleep well, awaken well-rested and start the day feeling motivated.

The patented Völker split siderail system is highly versatile and provides patients and residents with a secure support for repositioning in bed or pushing themselves up to leave the bed from the side. The system consists of head and foot telescopic split siderails that articulate in harmony with the bed’s movements, providing full lateral protection when the sleep deck is level through to the sitting position. When fully raised, the versatile split siderails provide enhanced protection for the patient or resident in a lying or sitting position.

  • The vis-à-vis sitting position is effortlessly achieved to enable face-to-face communication with caregivers and visitors
  • Telescopic split siderails provide maximum protection during mobilisation
  • Easy-to-grip split side rails provide secure support to enable safe and independent egress, which encourages patient independence
  • Pressure Reduction: Völker Micro-stimulation System MiS® can lead to enhanced patient comfort and improved sleep
  • The innovative design enables individual caregivers to mobilise patients to a sitting position safely and easily, reducing the risk of caregiver injuries resulting from patient repositioning
  • Length of Laying Surface / Exterior Dimension: inch (cm) 78.75" (200cm) / 85" (216cm)
  • Width of Laying Surface / Exterior Dimension: inch (cm) 35.4" (90cm) / 39" (99cm)
  • Weight in lbs (kg) approximate: 169kg
  • Height Adjustable: 15.75" – 31.5" (40 – 80cm)
  • Split Assisted Rails: Height 13.25" (34cm)
  • Made in Germany


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