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Spencer Total Recovery Stretcher


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Total is the strongest, most versatile and compact rescue stretcher in the market. It is made with a particular robust and durable plastic which has undergone as special thermal treatment that improves the elastic memory feature.

The Total system consist of

  • stretcher
  • belts for towing and lifting
  • a system of belts for the assembling of the stretcher and subsequently folding before replacing it in the bag
  • a system of additional handles for the transport of heavy patients by four or eight operators
  • aluminium spring catches to allow for lifting
  • hoisting harness in nylon
  • transport bag in nylon Ripstop

Dimensions: 970 x 3 x h2430 mm
[38.18 x 0.11 x h95.66 in]
- Weight: 6 kg [13 lbs]
- Total yellow – ST04090A

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