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TheraBand® Pro Series Exercise & Stability Ball


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TheraBand Pro Series SCP Exercise Balls are high-quality, slow-deflate and used to carry out various forms of exercise to improve body posture, cardio endurance, strength, and balance. They can also be used to reduce or prevent back pain caused by muscle imbalance and a weak core, mainly by targeting movements like push ups, planks, and sit ups on an unstable surface. Each exercise ball comes with two plugs and an inflation adapter. Yellow, Red and Green Balls also come with the TheraBand Exercise Ball Guide Poster detailing 24 Exercise.

Features include:

  • Slow deflate advantage
  • Superior comfort without excessive softness
  • Includes two plugs, an inflation adapter and exercise guide
  • Includes Thera-Band® Exercise Ball Guide Poster detailing 24 exercises

45cm (18”) PRO Series SCP Stability Ball  – Yellow
55cm (22”) PRO Series SCP Stability Ball  – Red 
65cm (26”) PRO Series SCP Stability Ball  – Green 

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